Catalonia, Spain. 2020-2021

This work is the result of different moments on the worst biological catastrophe that has been experienced in the world for years: the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has claimed and continues to claim thousands of lives every day in Catalonia like the rest of Spain, it feels like one of the countries with the most cases in the world. The official figures today (9/25/2020) in Catalonia are 13,150 dead and 158,832 infected; in Spain 704,209 positives and 31,118 deaths, and worldwide the total number of infected amounts to 32,441,479 and 988,647 people have already died.

These images go through the hot spots or keys that leave evidence, evidence, of this historical fact: residences, primary care centers, hospitals, licensed hotels, funeral homes, streets, workers, churches, everyday life … and even in most personal , they collect the moment when we buried the grandmother – also a victim of Covid-19 – and, in fact, the only space in which I was allowed access to photograph since she got sick.