Dunkerque, north of France. 2016

A few kilometers from the center of Dunkerque, north of France, stands one of the refugee camps of Grande Synthe, better known as “Jungle” where most people come from Kurdistan – Iraq. Currently (May 2016) it receives 1500 refugees.

Baxtyar. S, a young Kurdish under twenty-four, asks me not to reveal his age by legal issues in his country of origin. Three months ago he slept in the camp together with five other companions, also Kurds, where they arrived impelled by the same circumstances. Now his home is a small wooden tent built by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) on the ground in early 2016. Of the nine brothers, they were, two have lost their lives in Iraq because of the war. His father, a fighter against the same Daesh and two other brothers, had been responsible for sending him to seek new opportunities in the United Kingdom. Baxtyar, has traveled thirteen countries in a year. From Iraq to France. The Bulgarian police returned it from where it came, Turkey, leaving it without shoes and with a broken nose. The worst memory, he says, was before they reached the Greek shores; Swimming two hours when the small boat with which it was capsized and the babies drowned in the sea.

In the morning, in the countryside, the first refugees return, the same ones that the previous night has tried to sneak under a truck, with no luck. A non-existent European dream. Post-trauma and insomnia. Drinking, music, and self-harm are battle companions to relieve pain.