Catalonia, Spain. 2019

Wedding of Toti Díaz (18) and Rafi Amador (16), two gypsies who got married in the Planada of Sabadell neighborhood (Barcelona).

The gypsy community is very present in this city where about 10,000 people live and weddings are its identity; a tradition that has been perpetuated over the years. In fact, for each wedding there is a significant financial effort. In the case of Rafi and Toti, both families saved for two years to be able to “invite” 500 people and as tradition dictates: with all kinds of details and luxuries. The difference between other communities is that they do not make lists and do not ask their guests for money; only if they want, they put it in the cake or between the bride’s dress to the ballroom.

The education of the girls is oriented to keep their honor (virginity), to give it to the future husband, which is a source of pride for the families. The handkerchief test (yeli) is done by the “ajuntaora” who is in charge of extracting 3 pink spots from the ruptured hymen.